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Chapter 2 Page 7: Rock V. Hornets Nest

Chapter 2 Page 7: Rock V. Hornets Nest published on No Comments on Chapter 2 Page 7: Rock V. Hornets Nest

My apologies for the delay in posting. In addition to my vacation to Italy, I contracted walking pneumonia, my dog got a foxtail in her eye, which resulted in a $3,000 surgery, and two weeks later, my grandmother passed away. It’s been an interesting thirty or so days. But I do have a new page for you, and those who have enjoyed the comic, I hope you will continue to do so. Haters can go read something else. There is no law that says you must read or even like my comic, but there is one that says I can publish it if I want to. And I do. And thank you to everyone who came through with your love and kind words. It was greatly needed and deeply felt. Thank you. In my absence, I have also taken a fancy for photography. If you want to hit me up, my Instagram profile is under @schiekshots. My Flickr account is under the same. I’ll be back soon with another page. Again, thanks for hanging in there.

J. Schiek

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